Cracking WiFi passwords using wifite

List of WiFi networks
Router WPS PIN located at the backside of the router
  • Enrollee: A device seeking to join a WLAN domain
  • Registrar: An entity with the authority to issue WLAN credentials
  • External Registrar: A registrar that is separate from the AP
  • AP: An infrastructure-mode 802.11 Access Point
  • Headless Device: A device without a screen or display
User selected PIN
PIN printed on the device
  • Always update router firmware/software in order to secure the WiFi network.
  • Setup a strong WiFi password. And also enable strong encryption.
  • Set up a firewall(like pfsense) to stop invaders entering your network.
  • Following the above things can’t make your network 100% secured, keep in mind anything can be hacked.
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Founder @HackyDev Software Services

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Vishnu Ramineni

Vishnu Ramineni

Founder @HackyDev Software Services

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