Here the story goes. One fine day I was looking for an open Jenkins instance online using google dorks intitle:”Dashboard [Jenkins]” Credentials and found many open Jenkins instance dashboards that don’t require any authentication. And started going through each one of the results from a search and found some of the instances were dummy instances that are created to try out Jenkins pipelines and started looking for some interesting and juicy information in the builds console output and no luck in here.

Here comes the next part of the story which is interesting. After digging into all the open Jenkins…

Incoming call screen for Android

Are you looking to integrate whatsapp like incoming call feature into your react native based application. Then you are in the right place. Recently I have encountered a challenge where I have to implement whatsapp like incoming call feature for a ReactNative application. There are no npm modules available out there to implement this feature except react-native-callkeep which is straight forward for iOS app. And for android react-native-callkeep wont help much if you want to implement VoIP incoming call features and another drawback is ReactNative based applications won’t work when app is in background or closed state. …

When using ReactNative to create mobile apps, we write most of the code in JavaScript to create the mobile applications. ReactNative is an awesome framework to create cross-platform(Android, iOS and windows) mobile applications. But in few cases React Native not come in handy. For example if you want to access native(Android or iOS) APIs that doesn’t yet have a corresponding React Native module. In that case you need to write native code for Android and iOS and bridge it to ReactNative. …


MiTM (man-in-the-middle) attack is a type of cyberattack where a malicious actor inserts him/herself into a conversation between two parties, impersonates both parties and gains access to information that the two parties were trying to send to each other.

The goal of an attack is to steal personal information, such as login credentials, account details, and credit card numbers. Targets are typically the users of financial applications, SaaS businesses, e-commerce sites and other websites where logging in is required.

Attacker intercepts between client and server

Let’s understand MiTM attack better with an example:

Note: This blog is meant for educational purposes. Only perform hacking on systems that you own or have permission to.

Here is the story. I was bored and have seen a list of multiple WiFi networks in my apartment. And I thought let’s crack one of the WiFi network password. I know many of us wanted free WiFi 😜. I launched a terminal in kali Linux OS (My favorite OS that I use for hacking). And started wifite tool in my terminal and scanning the list of WiFi networks in my apartment.

List of WiFi networks

The next step is to perform a dictionary…

Hacking is fun

I am at the office, it’s Friday evening and it’s time for me to go home but I was waiting for my friend to come. And in the meanwhile, I was looking into LinkedIn user feeds about swiggy. I thought “let’s hack(ethically) swiggy today” so the first step for hacking is always to know more about your target, collect as much information about your target. So I started the reconnaissance, I always start with Shodan(Search Engine), here I found some juicy stuff about swiggy i.e compromised elasticsearch instance with 9 giga bytes of swiggy logs. And I started digging deeper…

React Native is an awesome framework for developing cross-platform mobile applications. React Native exposes JavaScript interfaces for platform APIs, so that your React Native apps can access platform features like the phone camera, or the user’s location. And there are lots of react-native applications out there like Instagram, UberEats, Airbnb, Facebook Ad manager, Bloomberg, etc.

But starting a new project with React Native is not exactly a cakewalk. Thinking of all tools that need to be installed may give you headaches. Starting a React Native project is daunting and takes time and effort.

Especially, people who work on multiple React…

Vishnu Ramineni

Founder @HackyDev Software Services

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